Best Travel Destinations in Cambodia Explained

During the ten-month bike trip in Southeast Asia we had the opportunity to get to know, visit and explore a part of the smallest and most tormented of the states of the area: Cambodia! Among the places to visit in Cambodia everyone will know the Angkor complex, but many other places are unknown and deserving to be seen. You can find more info about this on the internet. Best temple you must see.

Here’s what we recommend to see and visit if you decide to take a trip to Cambodia:

The complex of Angkor: you say Cambodia and you immediately jump to mind that pearl of Khmer architecture that stands out in the jungle, made even more mystical and magical by the action of time and nature that slowly takes possession of gardens, rocks and rooms a time constituting the capital of the kingdom. Angkor is a chimera, a dream landed for every traveler and despite the millions of tourists who attack the ruins every day, waiting for the sun to rise and sunsets over the spooky spires of the temple of Angkor Wat or the thousand faces of the Bayon is an emotion.

Angkor Wat

Phnom Penh: the capital once defined as the Pearl of Asia is slowly returning to its ancient splendor, but trying not to forget the atrocious suffering inflicted on its inhabitants during the Polpottian government a little over thirty years ago. The Royal Palace and the silver pagoda that overlook the Tonle Sap river, the huge boulevards, the chaotic central market and the narrow bustling streets of the center deserve a stop as well as a reflection by visiting the prisons of Tuol Sleng and the extermination camp at Choeung Ek. For more information, see how to discover the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

Monks Phnom Penh

The floating village of Kompong Luong: On the Tonle Sap lake there are dozens of villages of Vietnamese ethnic groups whose inhabitants spend their quiet life on boats transformed into houseboats—everything is present and available on the water: fruit and vegetables, mobile phones, petrol, schools, kindergartens, fish but also hens and pigs—a real city on the water!

Tonle Sap Floating Village

  1. The Cardamom Mountains: mysterious and unexplored until a couple of years ago, these mountains covered by a thick forest were for years a land of smugglers and bandits who came here to escape the law. Slowly ecotourism is breaking through this natural paradise rich in fauna and flora: elephants, tigers, crocodiles and thousands of birds populate the mangrove forests near rivers and the sea, to be explored on board a boat or an off-road vehicle.
  2. The Reserves of Ang Trapeang and Tmatboey: not far from Siem Reap, respectively to the north-west and north-east, there are these two nature reserves paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers in general. The reserves of Ang Trapeang and Tmatboey are sanctuaries for the Antigone cranes and the giant ibis and white shoulders. Immersed in rural Cambodia, in addition to contact with a lush nature, these destinations will give you a real insight into rural life in the country.
  3. The coastal areas of Sihanoukville: say sea in Cambodia means to talk about the coastal area of Sihanoukville. The city is more and more a favorite destination for oriental tourists but also for westerners and the problem of child prostitution starts to spread. The clean waters and white sand beaches still give here as well as on the island of Koh Kong an oasis of relaxation tropical dream.